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disco 45
Series of 50 sound objects.
Year of creation 2000

(Exhibition dicso 45, Galerie Eickelmann, Düsseldorf 2000)

Fabric-covered wooden body 9,84 x 9,84 x 3,93 inch
Horn loudspeaker
Digital chip with 20 sec recording of the leadout
groove of the corresponding 45 vinyl single
Power supply: 4 AAA batteries

2000 disco 45, Galerie Eickelmann Düsseldorf (solo)
2002 Echochamber Hamburg (solo)
2006 Fair for current music in Hamburg (group)
2006 platform 45, Hamburg, (solo)

Disco 45 is about creativity in expressing a new project.
Here in the music industry.
We know many "one-hit-wonder" productions in the music sector.

However, many individual artists or groups have only released one single,
in the hope of success. If this does not happen, these constellations dissolve up again
and the protagonists involved try their luck in new compilations and new styles.
In addition, the right image, which is often expressed through fashion.

This is indicated by the different materials with which the wooden bodies are coated.
So it is about the death and rebirth of creative projects.
The 20 second recording now only plays the leadoutgroove on the vinyl record.
But it is still possible to pick up the single to put it on a turntable to play.
Possible for those who still have access to analog technology.

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